The Hawaiians - Teenagers Love CD/LP

"The boys simply did everything right. If this is not the 

greatestteenager-bubblegum sound, I'll be damned and

I mean it. This demo is bound to become THE pop-punk

record of the oncoming summer."
(OX #46)

"17 tracks of super sunny Queers meet the Beach Boys

bubblegum punk by this young German band. 

Superb sleeve artwork by Fritte! You`ll love it!"
(CRYPT-O-RAMA, # 7, Greece)

"I first met them for (i think) 2 or 3 years ago, where 

they played together with the Apers andthe Vaders on

a festival.I was fascinated of them, they wore 

Hawaii shirts/Sunglasses andplayed the exact soundtrack

to it (what means: Poppy-Surf-Punk-RocknRoll). Then

I saw themwith the Groovie Ghoulies last year and with 

the Queers this year, both were pretty good shows .

So I was looking forward to listen to this record and what 

can I say? Its a good Pop-Punk record,with some great 

shaking ass songs. Buy this CD,turn on the heat, mix a 

cocktail, wear yourswimming-shorts and do a pool-party

in your house."

"Sunny beach bubblegum pop punk from Westerkappeln 

and therefore close to the Favorats,Backwood Creatures 

etc. Queers meet Beach Boysmeet Groovie Ghoulies meet

Travoltas. Plus a nice chunk of 50's rock'n roll. Unfortunately

only CD, but a great 4-tone comic artwork by Fritte."


"Wow. Once in a while, you get your hands on a very

special record. And this one is one of them.

The coolest surprise since a very long time. The best

record i've heard in the last 3 years. Very Queers/

GroovieGhoulies but a bit more fifties. Imagine a l

lo-fi punk album from Weezer produced by Joe Meek.

Do The Waikiki and Love love love are incredible hit songs

and extremely original compositions. A masterpiece of

originality in a world where everything in the pop punk

world is either a copy of Joe King or Ben foster's work.

But Teenagers Love is not a copy of these. It's too bad

that they only have one album and it doesnt sound as

good as it should be, but i dont care. I want more.

This record made me want to do music again.

Yeah, it reminded me that that's what i wanna do,

and i want to give up everything to do music like that.

A record that gave me shivers when i was listening it,

a thing i had almost forgotten. This record made me

happy and proud to be alive for a moment. And god

know that's it's VERY hard to make Johnny Love happy."

(Johnny Love, CANADA)